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Premium Health Functional Food

Recipe W is a premium functional food supplement that is being supplied to
over 1500, dental clinics, hospitals, prevention centers across the country.
. It is based on a patented formula, developed through contributions from doc-tors in dentistry, dentists.
A premium health functional food that you can trust, manufactured and distributed under strict quality standards, from clean and safe areas.
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The Global L:eader in Contract Manufacturing Nutraceuticals And Packaging Industry.
Natural Life Nutrition Inc. is a nutraceutical manufacturer and supplier located in British Columbia, Canada, renowned for its clean natural
environment and spectacular scenery. Established in 2000, Natural Life Nutrition Inc. has been the leader in contract nutraceuticals and
packaging industry for its superior quality assured products in Canada. Natural Life Nutrition Inc. is dedicated to research & development,
manufacturing and innovative packaging service for worldwide distribution of premium nutritional products.

Natural Life Nutition Inc. projects your concept to reality. We offer a complete range of manufacturing and packaging services from initial
development to finished products. Our R&D and industry veteran marketing teams canassist you in specific marketing plans including packaging
potions, design and fomulation via utilizing our vast network of contacts to help detemine the best way to distribute and contribute sales.

Whether your conpany is a small startup or a large established firm, Natural Life Nutrition Inc. can assist you in formulation, manufacturing or
packaging your products while alsays maintaining absolute confidentiality.
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Company Name : PHIL INTER PHARMA USA, Inc.
Location : Rancho Cucamonga, California
Certification : NSF(National Sanitation Foundation)-GMP
Business Lines : Softgel manufacturing for Dietary Supplements
Annual capacity : 600 million softgels
Estabilshment : 2012 Emplyees : 20

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