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  • 9 J& K Global Resource Wins Bronze Prize in 'Korea Invention Patent Exhibition
  • J&K Global Resource (CEO Jeong Dong-kyun, Lee Dae-jung) won the bronze prize (National Prize of the Federation of Korean Industries) at the awards ceremony of '2018 Korea invention patent Symposium' that was recently held. It is an event hosted by Korean Intellectual Pro...
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  • 8 J&K Global Resource Launches 'Premium Recipe W'
  • J&K Global Resource (CEO Jung Dong-kyun, Lee Dae-jung) announced on the 23rd that it has launched 'Premium Recipe W', a health functional food for oral health. 'Premium Recipe W' is a health functional food developed to manage oral and physical health at the same tim...
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  • 7 J & K Global Resource launches new product in 'YESDEX 2018'
  • J & K Global Resource (CEO Jeong Dong-kyun, Lee Dae-jung) announced the new product 'Recipe W Premium' at 'Yeongnam International Dental Conference & Equipment Exhibition' (YESDEX 2018) held at Daegu EXCO recently.YESDEX 2018, organized by Daegu, Busan, Ulsa...
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  • 5 J & K Global Resource: :Recipe W will lead the oral health care industry
  • "Proper oral care is crucial, specially during and after dental treatment or procedure. Our society has already set one foot into an era of the aging population which in gives more light to the importance of proper management methods. Dental care is by nature inclined to...
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  • 4 Recipe W a healthy functional food, celebrating the 2018 Korean Patent Award!
  • J & K Global Resource, a specialist in oral health care, announced that Recipe W, a health functional food, won the 2018 Korea Outstanding Patent Award. Recipe W is a health functional food that provides seven main ingredients such as calcium, water soluble propolis,...
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  • 1 J & K Global Resource Launches Recipe Welfare, a health Functional Food
  • J & K Global Resource, through global trade, is a company that produces health-functional foods that help the body only by using natural extracts obtained from clean areas of Canada, offering the products to domestic consumers at a cheap price and exporting them to m...
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