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Dr. Jino Woo’s Recipe W Story

“Since my days in dental college I always had this interest in how plants and drugs affected oral health, and spending almost 40 years doing implant surgeries, made me think if ways to help patients who suffered from periodontal diseases or implant infections” . I wasn’t able to see any concrete and satisfactory results from the many products out there, nutritional supplements, and functional foods. I felt compelled to conduct necessary research and develop a nutritional supplement that will be beneficial to organs through its ingredients. And we have developed that very product and verified that through continuous intake of this functional food, it is possible to manage proper oral health care.

According to the statistics of the National Health Insurance Corporation in 2012,
Chronic disease growth rate revealed to be the highest in periodontal disease The onset of an aging society means an increase of the elderly population and vice versa. The reason for the increase in periodontal disease in comparison to other infectious diseases, arthritis and hypertension is due to changes in eating habits of this modern society. It is imperative that apart from the care provided by hospitals and dental clinics, the elderly patients need a more rational way to manage themselves. In addition, according to the Food and Drug Administration's data in 2013, the number of chronic periodontal disease patients increases by 15% each year, also the number of patients with peri-implantitis has been reported to increase steadily. It is vital that in this day and age, steadily regular dental care is provided. And within this context we have developed recipe W for bone and tooth formation as well as the premium recipe W for oral health care. After nearly 40 years of implant surgeries and related treatments, we have based our know how and experience onto this product, and we hope that we can provide a whole new concept to oral health care management. Simply put it aims at offering you proper oral care that’s accessible, rational and professional.

– Excerpt from Dr. Jino Woo’s interview -
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