Company Introduction
J&K global resource

We want to express our gratitude to all of our customers who have given us their support and placed their trust in J & K Global Resource.

Established in 2014 J & K Global Resource is an R&D centered enterprise paving
its own road to become the NO.1 Oral health Specialized Company

Proper oral care is crucial, specially during and after dental treatment or procedure. Our society has already set one foot into an era of the aging population which in gives more light to the importance of proper management methods. Dental care is by nature inclined to management and care than cure. To provide the best solutions to these issues we pour our efforts into developing a variety of new products. We began we our research in 2012 and in 2015 we ‘d obtained our patent (treatment composition and prevention for periodontal disease based on natural extracts). We launched a health functional food for oral health based on the obtained patent. We provide the most adequate management methods for optimal dental health and oral care, that we distribute through dental clinics and other affiliated +1500 clinics nationwide. In 2018, we were awarded with the Korea Outstanding Patent Award under the health functional food category, and we are continuously focused on providing the best products that will ultimately contribute to looking after our client’s oral health.
Thank you.